Just wanted to give a little status update. Progress has slowed as I’ve had 5 business trips this past month.

  • I’ve integrated the newest reference model with all ribs, canopy sills, and canopy bow reference.
  • Completed the L console panels, with the exception of the connector panel. Still deciding what connectors to place there – I have a small powered 4 port USB hub, and will be adding an HDMI port for VR use.
  • I’m going to reevaluate the gauge options based on the Simco Micro Air Core and X27/X40 options. Not sure how to do concentric gauges with the MAC however, or where to reliably source the X40 steppers. Both major influences on which route I decide to take. (Leaning heavily towards the X27 and X40 options here.
  • Finished building my bench power supply. Haven’t gotten to soldering up the first ABSIS Nano yet.
  • I have finished modelling the AMPCD and the Nuclear Weapons Enable Switch.
  • Our electrical team is planning to do a sprint on the custom PCBs over the next couple weeks as well.