Where do I start?

First, you will need to take a good, hard look at your shop and make a realistic assessment of your capabilities and ability to learn how to build this. To 100% self fabricate your OpenHornet you will require the following tooling at a minimum:

OpenHornet Development Status

Currently, the entire OpenHornet design is in early development. We are targeting a hardware beta release status by the end of the year.

There are items prepared to build, but you build at your own risk, and will likely run into problems. We are doing our development in a GitHub repository. If you want to build now, you can go there and try it out.

Current Development Progress

Upper Instrument Panel (UIP): 90%
Lower Instrument Panel (LIP): 80%
Center Tub (CT): 20%
Left Console (LCON): 70%
Right Console (RCON): 70%
Ejection Seat (SEAT): 10%
Flight Stick Assembly (STK): 50%
Throttle Assembly (THRTL): 50%
Electronics (ABSIS): 65%

Beta Release Candidate

Manufacturing File Generation

Early Conceptual Design

Awaiting Release Package Creation

Awaiting Release Package Creation

Redesign Based On Build Feedback

Pending Redesign

Pending Test Build

Iterative Design/Test

Don’t have a CNC Router?

Maybe not one quite large enough? OpenHornet has selected OpenHornet Authorized Vendors to fabricate “quick-build” kits to help people get a leg up on their build. We are hoping to expand this program for electronics and other parts as well. Click the button to learn more about this program.


OpenHornet System Description

Build Manuals

In the future, this area will link to build manuals for OpenHornet.