Introducing OpenHornet Authorized Vendors (OHAV) – Your Access to Quality Components!

OpenHornet Authorized Vendors (OHAV) are dedicated manufacturers and vendors licensed to fabricate and sell top-notch OpenHornet-related components. We understand the importance of accessibility for builders, and the OHAV program aims to make the simulator more readily available while maintaining quality control and oversight.

Rest assured, our commitment to the sharing spirit of the OpenHornet project remains unwavering. All plans will continue to be freely accessible to the community. In fact, OHAVs are encouraged to contribute derivative work back to the OpenHornet team for potential inclusion in future release packages. This ensures that items are prototyped and fit checked with the pure, baseline OpenHornet plans.

Please note that OpenHornet does not determine OHAV pricing. To explore available products, place orders, and obtain pricing information, please contact the Authorized Vendors directly. OpenHornet Authorized Vendors – your gateway to quality components for your OpenHornet journey!