OpenHornet Authorized Vendors (OHAV) are manufacturers or vendors who are authorized to fabricate and sell OpenHornet related components.

We are not commercializing the OpenHornet design, but we wanted to make the simulator as accessible as possible to builders. The goal of the OHAV program is to allow the vendors to fabricate quick build kits which are then purchasable by users, and ensure that a certain level of quality control and oversight is provided.

Don’t worry, all plans will still be freely available to the community, and we are still very much committed to the sharing spirit of the OpenHornet project. One of the caveats we require is that OHAVs must contribute OH derivative work product back to the OH team for possible inclusion into the release packages. This also allows us to ensure that items get prototyped and fit checked with pure, baseline OpenHornet plans.

Please note that OpenHornet does not set OHAV pricing. All available products, ordering, pricing information will need to be obtained directly from the Authorized Vendor..