Well, you probably noticed the new website. Still have a few more things to do, and a few more things to update. (Like the FAQ) This has been a long overdue facelift; I’m excited to have this out!

Without further adieu, onto the status of the OH pit design!

  1. UIP is at a beta release candidate state, except for UFC PCB which is still in development. Hoping some progress is made on this very soon.
  2. LIP Release Package is complete with the AMPCD drawing done and the rudder gantry plate revision complete. Thanks to @L. Walker for knocking out the AMPCD module drawing and to @DG for his prototype work on the rudder gantry. Manufacturing files package has to be done, and then this will be in a beta release candidate state.
  3. Stick is under rework to change from rotary dampers on the pitch axis to another solution by RTM
  4. I am actively redesigning the seat based on RTM’s reference mesh and I think its going to knock its predecessor out of the park once complete. I’m super excited about the new seat.
  5. Starting to review the left and right consoles and incorporate items discovered from early alpha builders. @L. Walker will be starting the release package for the right console in the near future.
  6. ABSIS design verification is coming along smartly, and hoping to make final tweaks and push the ABSIS Nano and Mega to a beta release candidate in the near future. Much of the testing is being done by @Balse .
  7. Throttle electronics are in work and showing a lot of promise by @Magic_Man.