In 2016, we embarked on a bold journey with nothing but a dream: to create an unmatched flight simulation experience. Fast forward to today, and we are proud to announce the launch of OpenHornet 0.2.0, the first public beta release. This milestone is more than an achievement; it’s a dream realized, thanks to the relentless dedication and passion of our incredible community.

Saluting Our Collaborative Spirit

The journey to this release has been a collective flight, powered by the commitment of:

  • Our Contributors who have worked tirelessly to help make this simulator a reality, each offering their own expert contributions and rising to the challenge.
  • The Beta1 Release Team, who meticulously generated the comprehensive suite of drawings and hundreds of manufacturing files, laying the groundwork for our simulators.
  • The F360 Transition Team, who expertly transitioned our models to Fusion360, placing thousands of items of hardware by hand, ensuring precision and compatibility.
  • The Dev Testers/Builders, whose invaluable feedback and insights have squashed hundreds of bugs, refining and shaping the OpenHornet into the marvel it is today.
  • Our Authorized Vendors, ensuring the availability of high-quality components and services to our community and providing essential feedback.
  • Our Supporters and Donors, who have helped keep this project available to the world for years and will help for years to come!
  • Our Entire Community, whose unwavering support and enthusiasm have propelled us forward, fueling our mission with their energy and belief.

What This Historic Release Offers

This release provides all the hardware designs to build your simulator. (Software baseline will be established in v0.3.0)

Embark With Us

Join us on this extraordinary journey. Visit our Start Here page to begin with OpenHornet 0.2.0, and engage with fellow enthusiasts on our Discord server. Together, we’ve turned a vision into reality.

This project, born from a simple dream, has ascended to remarkable heights through our collective dedication.

With OpenHornet, we’ve shown that dreams don’t just fly; they soar. Let’s continue to reach new heights together!