Here are some further updates. Lower Left MIP is complete as is the lower center pedestal, L AUX is nearing completion. I’m really happy with the landing gear panel and Select JETT panel beneath it.

The LG Panel features all the functionality of the real thing, to include a solenoid locking it in the DN position (to be used when WOW), and the turn and pull functionality for the EMERG GEAR release.

The Select JETT panel features a pretty simple DIY mag held switches for the Launch Bar and Hook bypass switches. SELECT JETT selector has the separate knob and push button. (That was simpler than I thought it would be at first glance.)

Next is the complete R console panels. This includes mag switches, and solenoid retracted AUG switch on the BLEED AIR rotary on the ECS Panel

Finally, we have the SIM CNTL Panel. The position order of the VIEW switch has been swapped to place the MAP one above HUD, and everything else shifted one position clockwise to accommodate.