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2019 Kickoff Status

Happy New Year fellow pitbuilders! I haven’t updated the site in a while, so I figured it was time to do a full status update.

Rudders, we are debating between designing our own or just using the MFG Crosswinds.

As always, please check out our Discord server, available from the link up top!

Preliminary System Architecture

So been working on the system architecture for this a little to illustrate the electronics stack. Feel free to comment with any questions on it! 

On the structures side, left and right consoles are virtually done, lower instrument panel is 95% and about to start work on the upper instrument panel and the seat. None will be build ready yet, as waiting until I get a few odds and ends (component-wise) 100% so I can fit check everything in CAD.

Left and Right Consoles coming together!

So its starting to look like the F/A-18C. These screen caps are from before I’d done much more than mirror the left console to the right console. The face of the right console and AUX are not correct.

The left console will be build ready once I finish the throttle (down the line), and finish the brake pressure gauge and brake handle.

Right console currently needs to have the face finished up, what I can do of the AUX, and integrating the servo and linkage system for the pitch control of the stick for ACLS landings.

Small Updates

Just wanted to give a little status update. Progress has slowed as I’ve had 5 business trips this past month.

  • I’ve integrated the newest reference model with all ribs, canopy sills, and canopy bow reference.
  • Completed the L console panels, with the exception of the connector panel. Still deciding what connectors to place there – I have a small powered 4 port USB hub, and will be adding an HDMI port for VR use.
  • I’m going to reevaluate the gauge options based on the Simco Micro Air Core and X27/X40 options. Not sure how to do concentric gauges with the MAC however, or where to reliably source the X40 steppers. Both major influences on which route I decide to take. (Leaning heavily towards the X27 and X40 options here.
  • Finished building my bench power supply. Haven’t gotten to soldering up the first ABSIS Nano yet.
  • I have finished modelling the AMPCD and the Nuclear Weapons Enable Switch.
  • Our electrical team is planning to do a sprint on the custom PCBs over the next couple weeks as well.
Select JETT Knob

Had a question about the mechanism we are planning for the SELECT JETT Knob. Attached are screen grabs showing the mechanism in a little more detail. (And the mag switches too!)


Left AUX Console and Right Console

Here are some further updates. Lower Left MIP is complete as is the lower center pedestal, L AUX is nearing completion. I’m really happy with the landing gear panel and Select JETT panel beneath it.

The LG Panel features all the functionality of the real thing, to include a solenoid locking it in the DN position (to be used when WOW), and the turn and pull functionality for the EMERG GEAR release.

The Select JETT panel features a pretty simple DIY mag held switches for the Launch Bar and Hook bypass switches. SELECT JETT selector has the separate knob and push button. (That was simpler than I thought it would be at first glance.)

Next is the complete R console panels. This includes mag switches, and solenoid retracted AUG switch on the BLEED AIR rotary on the ECS Panel

Finally, we have the SIM CNTL Panel. The position order of the VIEW switch has been swapped to place the MAP one above HUD, and everything else shifted one position clockwise to accommodate.


Right AUX Console

The right AUX Console is now feature complete (sans hook indicator. We are still seeking solid dimensions of that.) (Please click thumbnail for hi-res image.)

Early WIP Renders

Here are some of our early WIP renders. All switches and electronics (other than final versions of PCBs and cable harnesses) are included. (Click on each picture for hi-res image.)